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Tomatoes are worth eating primarily because they contain lycopene. It is an organic chemical compound with antioxidant effects. Eating tomatoes clearly reduces the risk of heart attack, improves digestion, strengthens immunity, and also protects against the harmful effects of the sun!

This Tomato Powder is 100% pure and natural, nothing added like salt or citric acid to boost flavour and nothing taken away, selected fresh sun ripened tomatoes are peeled, deseeded, concentrated and air dried.Tomato powder is a incredibly convenient and versatile ingredient to use, it has a sweet concentrated tomato flavour which instantly re-hydrates with water to make a thick paste/puree through to a refreshing juice drink (depending on volume of water diluted with). Make up what you need in seconds, no more opening tins or jars and only using one portion and letting the rest go to waste. Will make a great base for soups, sauces or just to thicken stews, casseroles, curries, bolognaise, chilli con carne or use to flavour burgers, sausages and in bread making to name but a few! 



  1 Part Tomato Powder to 2-3 Parts Water to make a thick paste/puree

1 Part Tomato Powder to 10 Parts Water to make a passata/sauce base

     1 Part Tomato Powder to 20 Parts Water to make a base for a juice drink


Health benefits: Tomato Powder has anti-atherosclerotic properties thanks to the acid they contain, which intensifies the oxidation of fatty acids in liver cells and inhibits the accumulation of triglycerides in them. Cholesterol levels are also lowered by pectin in tomato powder. Lycopene also works well for the heart. Its diuretic effect lowers blood pressure. High potassium content also has a positive effect on heart function. Tomato Powder regulates the digestive system and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels and improves oxygenation, vitamins A and E moisturize the skin, anti-wrinkle, lighten discolorations and soothe acne.


Suggested use: Suitable for sprinkling into food dry or to have rehydrated. Perfect for baking, soups, meat, porridge, smoothies, shakes or anything else that would require a great vegetable flavor and aroma or just some natural treasure. Often used in place of sugar where the sweet taste is replaced with natural, healthy flavor. A favorite for blending with protein powders to create all-natural protein shakes. Alternatively, blend with fresh vegetables.

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Outstanding service, excellent goods, I'm happy!


Going vegan and this is ideal for all nutriants. Fast delivery will be back 5*


Brilliant thank you 😊 Very quick delivery and fab products :)

Vegan Heaven!!!

I have been a Vegan for several years. I have been looking for store like this for a long time. They have a really large range of vegan friendly products that I've used more than once. They make really good job. I spent a lot of time posting comments on the products I bought, but I think it's worth it :) And I will definitely buy more often here.

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