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About barley grass

Young barley grass is becoming more and more popular. It is used not only by those who care of healthy dietary supplementation. More and more people discover that drinking barley grass juice restores powers and helps staying slim.

Celebrities all over the world confess that barley grass juice and “green food” are permanent elements of their diet. Followed by their example, thousands of people become convinced that barley grass cocktails are effective.

Low energy, weariness, headaches? Winter is over and it is reasonable to detoxicate your organism. Barley grass juice will perfectly do the job.

Young barley grass belongs to the group of the, so called, “green food”. Young green barley shoots (approximately 7 days old) are dried in a special way and powdered. The drying process is rapid and takes place at low temperature, so not to deplete barley of its nutritional values. Nutritional substances are highly concentrated in young shoots (similarly to sprouts). The plant material is collected before those substances are used up by a growing plant. Resulting barley grass powder is consumed as a juice – mixed with water, fruit or vegetable juice. Barley grass juice is dark green and turbid. The powder contains no additives of any kind – it is a pure young barley grass powder.


Key information:
-A natural source of calcium,
-A rich source of potassium, magnesium and iron,
-A natural source of folic acid,
-Contains all essential amino acids.

Weight losing and detoxifying. Purification of the organism.

Green barley grass and weight loosing High dietary fiber content and purifying properties of barley grass are of principal importance. Popular slimming drinks could be well replaced with a green barley grass drink. Slimming teas usually intensify function of the bowel, leading to a laxative effect and triggering some metabolic disorders following their discontinuation. Barley grass acts as a “brush” that cleans the bowel, and simultaneously supplements essential vitamins, minerals and protein. It is a very important aspect in case of people on weight-loosing diet. An appropriately tailored slimming diet should not cause hunger or lead to deficiencies. However, it is a general knowledge that the most popular diets are rapid and not necessarily healthy – therefore it is good to reduce their potential side-effects and introduce a natural supplementation. One important notice should be made here: if a diet is aimed at significant weight loss, it should be designed and supervised by a dietician. Rapid slimming as an effect of unbalanced diet may lead not only to deficiencies, but also to the yo-yo effect and deregulation of the alimentary tract. However, if our aim is to look better, loose a couple of kilos after winter and feel better, introduction of healthy eating habits, detoxification, natural supplementation and physical activity should suffice. Remember: barley grass may support the slimming process, but cannot substitute a balanced diet and physical activity.


Weight loosing

Green barley grass is referred to as a “superfood”. It contains a complete set of vitamins, minerals and amino acids (all amino acids required by a human organism).

De-acidification of an organism

Green barley grass supports regulation of the acid-base metabolism. The correct pH value is one of conditions of normal function of the organism. Support of the cardiovascular system

The strength of barley grass is in its colour! Chlorophyll supports combating anaemia. The compound stimulates haemoglobin production, increasing oxygen-binding abilities of blood. It makes selected tissues, including the heart and blood vessels, stronger.

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect

Once again it is chlorophyll that counts. Green barley has an anti-inflammatory effect (for example, fighting inflammations of the oral cavity and skin), and a favourable effect on joints. Used externally, it supports wound healing.

For beauty and good feeling

Barley grass fights against free radicals, thought to be the principal cause of ageing. Additionally, the supplement supports cell regeneration, improves oxygenation of blood, detoxifies the organism. All those effect account for a better look, improved condition of skin, hair and fingernails. Amino acids contained in barley, along with its detoxifying effect, have a favourable effect on the general feeling: more energy and strength, better concentration, reduced susceptibility to stress.

Purification of the organism

Barley grass is believed to be a perfect detoxifying agent. It is definitely one of its principal benefits. A very high fiber content regulates metabolism, cleans bowels and accounts for improved absorption rate of nutrients.

Our powders are 100% pure Fruit & Vegetable and therefore some natural clumping and caking will occur. Some other powders can contain anti-caking agents such as maltodextrin etc. We prefer to supply a 100% Fruit & Vegetable. These clumps do not affect the flavour or quality of the product. If necessary the powder can be passed through a sieve or broken down with the back of a clean spoon if you need to use it as a dry sprinkle.

We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications
For educational purposes only This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

The product may differ from the picture because it is a natural product so the color, taste and smell may depend on the delivery and the season of the year.

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